C/C++ Cross-Reference Tool

It is easier to write a new code than to understand an old one. John von Neumann, Letter to Marston Morse, April 23rd 1952

SourceXR is a cross-reference tool for C and C++ source code.

It uses clang to parse the source files and extract semantic information and references about:

  • macros
  • types: classes, struct, typedef, enum
  • functions: member and nonmember
  • variables
  • include files
  • template instantiations (C++)
  • full-text search
  • code browser
  • and more...
  • Ease code reading, analysis and understanding!
  • Browse our demo page for live samples!
  • Try it with your source code!
  • Check out our features page for more information!

With SourceXR get more insights of your source code:

  • Thanks to clang, a compiler which understands C and C++, SourceXR builds the actual relationships between source code objects.
  • SourceXR does not use a lexical analysis, but a semantic analysis, enriched with source code object characteristics (functions calls, class hierarchies, object references, cross-references between objects, etc), you will no longer follow a wrong path!
  • SourceXR is a code reading and a code comprehension tool: it generates HTML pages, with intuitive navigation. You will read and understand your source code faster. Additionaly, full-text search and specific search modes are available to narrow search to types, functions, and macros, or to specific references, for example, function callers, type hierarchies, etc).
  • You can use it to assess potential impacts of developments to your code base.